Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool Film Review

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool Trailer

Summer Movie Review Catch-up!

Apart from Dunkirk, I completely failed to review any of the movies I saw over the summer. To get things back on track, I figured I'd do a catch-up post with some mini-reviews of the films I've seen at the cinema over the past few months. Read on for my thoughts about: Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, Wonder Woman, Churchill, A Ghost Story & The Limehouse Golem.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Film Review

The Mole Clinic Review - Private Skin Cancer Screening.

My journey with The Mole Clinic began with their full body MOLECheck service; two of my moles were deemed suspicious and their TELEDerm service was used for further diagnosis. I was then given an urgent referral to a dermatologist and opted to have one of the moles removed at The Mole Clinic. Read on to hear about my experience in full.

Wimbledon 2017 - We Made it to Centre Court!

So, the Wimbledon ballot wasn't our friend this year and having failed to plan any London accommodation to make queuing a bit easier, I found myself freaking out a few days before the tournament that we wouldn't make it into the grounds at all. Thankfully, Ticketmaster has a daily 'last chance saloon' allocation and we got super, super lucky!

Dunkirk (2017) Film Review

Dunkirk Trailer

Dunkirk Review

Christopher Nolan's latest war epic takes a surprisingly intimate look at the evacuation of Allied troops from their cornered position in Dunkirk during the Second World War - a feat that relied on mass support from civilian vessels to secure a future for huge numbers of British troops. There is no doubt that this is a visually beautiful film that burdens the viewer with the emotional weight of the intricate atrocities that hindered the evacuation process, but I can't help but feel (and I can't believe I'm saying this given the film's $100 million budget) that it fails to capture the full scope and scale of this historic event.

St Ives: A Cornish Staycation.

St Ives Staycation I've just got back from a staycation in St Ives, my second Cornish holiday in as many years having loved Looe last year. We totally lucked out with the weather, arriving at the start of the UK's June heat wave which'll probably end up being the warmest week of the year! St Ives' multiple beaches looked stunning under clear blue skies, properly picture perfect (the kind of thing you'd see in a brochure) but the warm weather definitely brought people out and it was pretty darn busy even though the school holidays don't start for a good few weeks!

Miss Sloane (2016) Film Review

Miss Sloane Film Review

Miss Sloane Trailer

Miss Sloane Review

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a political lobbyist who jumps ship from a pro-gun firm to lobby for increased checks on gun purchases. The film begins in real time as Sloane appears at a congressional hearing to give testimony over her alleged violations of Senate ethics rules while in her prior role; the plot (that unravels in real time with the aid of comprehensive flashbacks) is a complex web of lies, falsehoods and misdemeanours.