TV Series I've Made It Through and Loved

I've just finished binge watching my way through Orange is the New Black. I'm now in that post binge mindset, where you're almost grieving for the loss of something you loved so much. You want to go back to the beginning and enjoy it all over again, but deep down you know it won't be quite the same. For me, finding a new series to plough through is the only way to cure such a phase - so here is my first list of TV series I've made it through ... whether that be being up to date, or watched in entirety ... and loved! 

Hopefully, this post will help you cure your own post epic series slump!

Orange Is The New Black

I can't think of a better place to start than the root of my current predicament. Orange is the New Black, released via Netflix, is a contemporary comedy (that contains a lot of drama!) set in a New York women's prison. It features a vast array of oddly relatable (is that just me?) female characters, making use of flashbacks to flesh out how each character's life led to prison. It's the flashbacks that really tug at your emotions (Crazy Eyes and Morello I'm looking at you!) - it's got a great deal of heart. Add the dimension of a corrupt prison system run by insufferably brutal guards and you've got a relatively thought provoking show! 

Since it's not broadcast on television, they're able to significantly push the boundaries of what it's acceptable to broadcast. In the future, I think this show will be described as revolutionary.

30 Rock

Based on the behind the scenes workings of a sketch comedy show, 30 rock is clever funny - the best kind of funny. It's five core characters are not cliches. From dorky Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) - to slick businessman Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) - to erratic, self-centered (but funny, very very funny) Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) - to equally narcissistic, blonde, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) - to sweet, naive, Kenneth the Page (Jack McBrayer) - there is always more to each character than initially meets the eye. Watching this eclectic mix of personalities work together, alongside the rest of the equally lovable ensemble of characters, is highly entertaining.

It's a series that pushed boundaries. There are a wealth of standout episodes including parodies of reality tv & Batman's Joker, two live shows, some hilarious musical numbers and a ridiculous collection of awesome guest stars - I'm talking Matt Damon, Oprah, Jon Hamm, Elaine Stritch, Steve Martin, Buzz Aldrin, Elizabeth Banks etc. ... I mean really?!?!

They managed to keep the quality high for the entire run, no series has made me laugh out loud, so consistently, so many times per episode. Sometimes it takes a little while to get 'it' (did I mention it's clever?), and the gags come at you at a rate of knots (there is a lot of funny detail - watch out for Frank's hats), but that makes it oh so satisfying when the penny eventually drops. I will re-watch 30 Rock episodes until my dying day.

Gilmore Girls

E4 used to show Gilmore Girls re-runs every morning - needless to say, I got hooked! Based in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls depicts the world of mother and daughter pair Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) Gilmore, who are more like sisters thanks to Lorelai's teenage pregnancy. The huge ensemble cast of recurring characters flesh out the quirky idyllic world and provide some lovable laughs along the way.  It's a very PG series, but I got totally sucked into the Gilmore universe - I want to have coffee at Luke's (owned by Lorelai's blatant soul mate), stay at Lorelai's Dragonfly inn, take a dance class at Miss Patty's, cook with Sookie ... the list goes on.  

I enjoyed the series' quick snappy dialogue, wealth of cultural references and general sense of lovable, heartwarming, quirky realism. It's blissful consumption.

So there we have it, the first three TV series I've made it through and loved. I have quite a few more to recommend *cough* Parenthood *cough* Mad Men ... but more on them next time.

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