Miranda Hart's My, What I Call, Live Show Review

Let me start by saying: I adore the sitcom Miranda. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Miranda Hart's book, Is it Just Me? So, naturally, when I opened an envelope on Christmas Day 2013 with two tickets to Miranda Hart's 'My, What I Call, Live Show' I was very excited.

Now, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the experience. I mean, I have an infinite amount of respect for anyone who can stand on a stage speaking alone for an hour and forty minutes and I did chuckle along with the show. But, I have to admit, I was left slightly (very very slightly) disappointed.

Miranda Hart's My What I Call Live Show Review

The material presented was very similar to some of the standout moments of her sitcom and generally provided a key notes version of her book ... there was very little new material.

Lots of her comedy is quite physical, in fact, in the sitcom those moments are what make me laugh the most. On a big stage, most of that got lost. The show ended with a hilarious short video depicting the take home moments from her set, it definitely clarified the distinction in my mind - her comedy needs the sitcom visuals.

Most of her comedy is observational, I usually find it very amusing. However, I feel the whole thing got a bit confused on stage. She described situations that were quite absurd, some of them were wholly unrealistic. In my opinion, observational comedy is funnier when it's grounded in reality. The absurd nature of the situations works in her sitcom for the character  'Miranda' ... we, the audience, know that she's slightly unhinged. The live set ducked and dived, at times it felt like 'Miranda' the character was on stage, at others Miranda Hart ... she even mentioned the sitcom, so it can't have all been in 'character', right?

The Highlights

Two audience members arrived around forty minutes into the first act, Miranda noticed them, it turns out they went to the O2 instead of Wembley ... ouch!

Chummy from Call the Midwife being presented in the American press as being played by Miranda Kerr.

Miranda mistakenly chatting up a 13-year-old boy... with his father sat in the next seat.

Miranda's Beyonce dance.

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