Fairgrounds and Fireworks.

Forget Halloween, in my mind, there are only two things that signal the arrival of winter - Fairgrounds and Fireworks! In fact, I think they're the only two reasons you would ever find me out in the open air (for a significant amount of time) after dark between the months of October and March. What can I say? I'm attracted to the lights. For some reason, as long as my eyes are transfixed on shiny, colourful, things my brain forgets the fact that my feet and hands and nose and ears and teeth have gone numb with cold ... I have bad circulation.

In the past few weeks, I've been to both a local fun fair and bonfire night fireworks display - it's official, I'm now hibernating till the clocks spring forward - so I thought I'd share some snaps from both events!


Fairgrounds & Fireworks

I'm not a fan of rides, particularly temporary ones, but I've always adored the fun fair. There's something about the smell of churning candy floss, burning hamburgers, toffee apples and smoke; the sound of excitement, fear, blaring music and the mechanics of the rides that will always take me back to my childhood for years to come. I'm always baffled by the speed at which the fair comes and goes. So much temporary excitement is cocooned in the air. The next day it's gone as if it never existed. 


Fireworks Guy Fawks Bonfire Night 2014
I find fireworks particularly intriguing. I don't understand how something inherently explosive, chaotic even, can be controlled to form shapes with such precision. Surely the smallest of mistakes in their manufacture could ruin the whole effect? It baffles me that the explosions are so symmetrical, they're like flowers in the sky. They always give me perspective, there are bigger things at work in the world than my human existence. It's organised chaos and I like it a lot.

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