Hi there! Ribbons of Memory is a UK based lifestyle blog penned by a self-employed graduate with a love of theatre and film (and tennis, though those ramblings are saved mainly for Twitter!).

"... time weaves ribbons of memory. To sweeten life when youth is through. But I would need no memories there. If I could share. My life with you." 

That's a very out of context quote from the musical Pippin, but has formed the basis of this blog since I started writing it back in 2013. Hopefully my recollections can be of use to you as well as my future self!


I've been a regular theatre-goer since 2007 and my reviews from 2013 onward can be found here. My love of film is a more recent development, I only started film blogging in 2016 but will be adding to my list of film reviews here.


My mother died when I was very young; I try to raise awareness about childhood bereavement and delayed grief. I also often write about my experiences with anxiety.


I have a mega phobia of air travel but do my best to see the best of the UK and make frequent trips to London. Check out some of the places I've been here.