5 Things I Miss about Studying.

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Upon finishing my master’s degree the thought of opening another text book, spending another weekend completing a problem set, writing another essay, made me feel physically sick. To say I was done with studying is the ultimate understatement. Things have changed …

For anyone still slaving over problem sets, research papers and text books; here are five things I really miss about studying. Enjoy them while you can!

Things I Miss About Studying Things I miss about studying Things I miss about studying

The satisfaction of completing a problem set.

… or a really hard maths problem, or memorising a ridiculously long statistical proof. I miss that feeling. The feeling of the cogs in your brain working overtime, the subsequent moment of enlightenment as you begin to scrawl everything down as quickly as you possibly can, followed by a glowing mix of relief and achievement.

Burning the midnight oil.

… being so focused on one piece of work that the next time you look up it’s one am and everything outside your window is still, the lamp on your desk is at the point of overheating. You’re stressed, but the darkness outside feels all kinds of cosy.

That end of exams feeling.

… that feeling when you finish revising for your last exam of the season and realise the only thing that stands between you and freedom is three hours writing at an isolated desk … that feeling is only beaten by the moment you close your paper and let your insides dance in the silence!


… I’ve always loved learning but, because of my anxiety, I hated school lessons/university tutorials that had the potential of making me speak. Lectures were bliss, the only place in my education where I could properly be relaxed in my learning.

The stationery.

… new text books, writing pads, ring binders, highlighters, post-it notes, page tags, note cards, retractable pencils … I miss having a proper purpose for it all!

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