Inferno (2016) Film Review

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Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) awakes in a Florence based hospital suffering from the effects of amnesia. As it becomes clear that his life is in danger (and why), he teams up with the doctor treating him (played by Felicity Jones) in an attempt to save the world from a bioweapon that has the potential to cause mass human devastation.

As the third Dan Brown novel adapted for the big screen it’s difficult for Inferno to avoid feeling formulaic. Our two protagonist spring at lightening speed from one Dante related clue to the next without any significant struggle. As soon as the audience verges on catching up, there are plot twists that render the last fifteen minutes of viewing redundant. While the more unexpected twists do keep you on your toes, I find these kinds of film super frustrating; is there ever any real doubt how they’re going to end?

That’s not to say Inferno didn’t have me wincing in anticipation, but it was more so that I could avert my gaze during the more gory aspects of the visuals than in response to any real concern I had for the characters. The gore was a little too frequent and unnecessary for my liking, but I am most definitely squeamish when it comes to any sort of pain.

Though Tom Hanks delivers the best performance of the aforementioned cast; at times even he seemed to be nonchalantly wading through the bulky monotonous, often cliched, script. For the most part, I didn’t find Felicity Jones convincing in her role; but a major plot twist (that I won’t reveal) kind of explains why. In hindsight, the same twist also uncovers some major floors in the plot which have been bugging me ever since.

The stunning visuals of Florence’s sights and some of the more comedic moments of the script stop Inferno from becoming too tedious; I didn’t hate it but it doesn’t stand out above other films of its type. I give Inferno a rating of 3/5.

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