Going in Style (2017) Film Review

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Senior citizen Joe Harding (Michael Caine) witnesses a bank robbery right before he and his friends Willie (Morgan Freeman) & Albert (Alan Arkin) get screwed over by the multinational corporation they work for. Left broken by the fact that their pensions have been defunded, they hatch a plan to commit a bank robbery of their own.

As comedies go Going in Style is more pleasantly heartwarming than laugh out loud funny, but it did have its moments including a particular highlight where Morgan Freeman’s character is driven along in the basket of a mobility scooter. It’s very silly at times but Caine, Freeman and Arkin bring a kind of on screen magic that makes the film’s pitfalls forgivable.

Going in Style has a slightly ugly left wing undertone; the elderly protagonists are screwed over and decide to take revenge on the establishment to get what they ‘deserve’. It lazily plays on the ‘old and poor’ stereotype. That being said, who knew the concept of pensioners causing mischief could be quite so endearing?

Overall, Going in Style is a fun, brainless watch. Perhaps the laughs are too thinly dispersed but it’s enjoyable all the same. I give Going in Style a rating of 2.5/5.

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