Cineworld Unlimited Card: Is it worth it?

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Cineworld Unlimited Card

Is a Cineworld Unlimited card worth it? I can confirm the answer is undoubtedly YES! I saved a grand total of £309.82 in the first twelve months of my subscription. Keep reading for a referral code that could get you (and me!) a free month of cinema!

What is a Cineworld Unlimited Card?

Cineworld Unlimited is a cinema subscription. For a fixed cost of £17.90 a month you can see as many 2D films at Cineworld as you wish. A subscription makes financial sense if you see at least two films per month at Cineworld.

Benefits of a Cineworld Unlimited Card

Aside from granting access to discount cinema, a Cineworld Unlimited card delivers a whole host of other benefits. These include:

  • 10% discount at Cineworld food outlets (including Starbucks!)
  • Access to special preview screenings
  • Book ahead for up to 3 films at a time (with free cancellations)
  • Discounts at multiple national restaurant chains & other local establishments
  • Discounts on event cinema

Cineworld Unlimited Card Additional Charges

A standard Cineworld Unlimited card only grants you access to unlimited 2D screenings in Cineworld cinemas outside of London. There are additional charges for:

  • 3D, Superscreen & 4DX screenings (after 12 months 3D is included in your premium subscription)
  • Event Cinema
  • London West End Cinemas

In each of these cases you usually only pay an ‘up-charge’ equivalent to the difference in the value of the special screening type/event ticket price and a standard adult ticket meaning Unlimited still delivers excellent value for money. If you visit London regularly you can opt for a subscription including Cineworld’s West End cinemas for an additional £2.50 per month (£20.40 per month in total).

You may also want to bear in mind the cost of parking at your local cinema.

Premium Cineworld Unlimited Card

After 12 months you get a free upgrade to a Premium Unlimited card which ups the discount on drinks and snacks to 25% and makes 3D movies unlimited as well!

Non-Monetary Benefits of a Cineworld Unlimited Card

My Cineworld Unlimited subscription has made me much more adventurous. I’ve seen (and enjoyed!) films in the last year that I never would have gone to in the past. Knowing that the cost of each trip decreases with each movie that you see makes a big difference when there’s a film you’re not quite sure about – you may as well take a punt on it because it’s not costing you anything more.

With the wealth of new releases every week, I always have something to do. My Cineworld Unlimited card has banished empty weekends from my diary in a very cost effective way!

Cineworld Unlimited Recommend a Friend Code

If you’re interested in getting your own Cineworld Unlimited card, why not use my recommend a friend promo code to get a month of free cinema!


Simply enter this code into the promo code box when you apply for membership online. After you’ve completed the first 90 days of your membership both you and I will receive a free month of Cineworld Unlimited!

Is a Cineworld Unlimited Card Worth it?

A Cineworld Unlimited card is clearly worth it if you regularly see two or more films a month at Cineworld. If that seems like a stretch, it might still be worth giving it a go – you’ll be surprised how many films you want to see when each trip doesn’t incur an additional cost!

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