We Buy Books Review: Sell Books Online

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We Buy Books Review

We Buy Books is a quick and simple way to sell books online. Over the Easter weekend I had a massive clear-out at home. I freed up a lot of space and earned £65 using We Buy Books to quickly swap my unwanted books for cash. Read on for a comprehensive review of the We Buy Books service.

We Buy Books Review: How Does it Work?

We Buy Books ReviewWe Buy Books Review

To sell books online I highly recommend downloading the We Buy books app. Using your phone you can quickly scan the bar codes of the books you wish to sell. The app will either reject the book or give you a monetary offer. All of your offers are stored in your basket, if an offer is too low you can remove it from your basket by swiping left on the book title.

We Buy Books ReviewWe Buy Books Review

Once you’ve scanned all of your books click through to complete the trade. This option will be available as long as the total value of the items in your basket is over £5.

We Buy Books will then guide you through the simple process of creating an account. They’ll need to know your contact details and how you wish to be paid. You can opt for payment via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Shipping your items to We Buy Books is free of charge. You’re given the option of taking your items to a local Hermes Parcel Shop or having them collected by a Hermes courier. You’ll be emailed enough shipping labels for the items in your basket.

We Buy Books Review

When it comes to packing your books, it’s advisable to wrap each of them in bubble wrap* before placing them in a well fitting box*. Tape the label to the outside of the box and take it to your local Hermes drop off point (or wait for the courier to come and get it!) with seven days of your original offer.

We Buy Books will let you know via email once they’ve received your parcel. They’ll check that your books meet their quality standards – if they do you can expect your money to arrive by the end of the next day.

We Buy Books Review: What Books are Accepted?

Theoretically you can try to sell any book with an ISBN number to We Buy Books. As long as it’s not a library book or book club edition, that is. However, not all books will be accepted.

Specialist books such as my university text books, particularly ones that weren’t standard course texts received the highest offers. Lots of my common fiction books were rejected, but I did receive some low offers for books such as The Handmaid’s Tale and A Wrinkle in Time that are in fashion at the moment.

We Buy Books Review: How Much Do They Pay?

Offers from companies such as We Buy Books are always going to be less than market value. Clearly they need to make money from the transaction. That wasn’t an issue for me. I wanted the books out of the house as quickly as possible, any cash I got for them was a bonus.

In general, my economics text books went for around £4 (min: £0.15 max: £5.50). I tried to sell them on Amazon right after graduating but they sat around for so long that I gave up! They’re all at least half a decade stale so I’m happy with what I got for them.

Some of my specialist economics paperbacks went for £1-2, but most of my fiction went for less than 50p.

We Buy Books Review: How Quick is the Process?

I submitted my basket on Sunday 1st April, sent the parcels on Wednesday 4th April and received full payment on Wednesday 11th. So selling books online with We Buy Books is a pretty quick process indeed!

We Buys Books Review: Is Selling Books Online with We Buy Books Worth it?

Clearly there’s a trade off between getting the maximum value for your books and the time it takes to sell them. It’s definitely worth checking the market value of your most valuable books on eBay or Amazon. For me, selling my books individually just wasn’t worth the time or effort. We Buy Books is a very quick and easy way to sell books online. I couldn’t fault them and will definitely use them again in the future.

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