Hi there! Ribbons of Memory is a UK based lifestyle blog penned by a self-employed graduate with a love of theatre and film.

I’m Gilly, an unapologetic introvert who’s often found hiding behind the camera.

I’ve been self-employed since 2015 and am now fully committed to building a stable income outside the realms of the corporate graduate norm. I’ve dabbled in many ways of making money online and am keen to help anyone else in my situation by sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way and keeping you updated with my current endeavours to diversify my income stream.

Ribbons of Memory also features updates from my personal life. I’m a keen theatre-goer and dedicated cinephile so you can expect reviews of many of the latest UK cinematic releases alongside my thoughts on some of the UK’s current theatre offerings. My other hobbies include calligraphy, illustration, watching tennis (mainly WTA) and collecting both Disney pins and US playbills!

I hope you find browsing Ribbons of Memory both useful and entertaining!